Wally Puma - Renegade Trouble b/w Jaimito's Theme

Wally Puma - Renegade Trouble b/w Jaimito's Theme

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A: Renegade Trouble 

B: Jaimito's Theme

Label: JNCO
Catalog: JNCO001


JNCO presented by Wally Puma is a new label dedicated to reanimating and reimagining rave era classics back to their roots. The A side might as well be a mission statement for the label. Renegade Trouble combines raw breakbeats with vocal stabs, anthemic horns and a big rolling bass line.

Golden era raps rain down from the 90s in a way that heads will surely ador. The B side is a bit more uptempo yet still delivers crispy a breakbeat and shifts the shape of an 80’s soul sample with filters and big horns. This track is a hands in the air moment in any set at any time.