Saafir - Boxcar Sessions (2LP)

Saafir - Boxcar Sessions (2LP)

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A1        Grab The Train
A2        Swig Of The Stew
A3        Poke Martian feat. Poke Martian
A4        Playa Hayta 
A5        Pee Wee

B1        Battle Drill
B2        Westside feat. King Saan
B3        Worship The "D"
B4        Light Sleeper
B5        Rashinel feat. Rashinel

C1        Can-U-Feel-Me?
C2        No Return (Goin' Crazy)
C3        Big Nose feat. Big Nose*
C4        Just Riden'

D1        Hype Shit
D2        Real Circus
D3        Bent
D4        The Instructor
D5        Joint Custody

Label: Rarebreed
Catalog: RB13