Quasimoto - The Unseen (2LP)

Quasimoto - The Unseen (2LP)

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A1: Welcome to Violence
A2: Bad Character
A3: Microphone Mathematics
A4: Basic Instinct
A5: Goodmorning Sunshine
A6: Discipline 99 Pt. 0
B1: Low Class Conspiracy
B2: Return Of The Loopdigga
B3: Real Eyes
B4: Come On Feet
B5: Bluffin

C1: Boom Music
C2: MHBs
C3: Put A Curse On You
C4: Astro Black
C5: Green Power
D1: Jazz Cats Pt. 1
D2: 24-7 (feat. Madaphoar)
D3: The Unseen
D4: Phony Game
D5: Astro Travlin

Label: Stones Throw
Catalog: STH2025