Mestizo Beat - Left Behind b/w I Want You
Mestizo Beat - Left Behind b/w I Want You

Mestizo Beat - Left Behind b/w I Want You

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A: Left Behind feat. Jamie Allensworth

B: I Want You feat. Terin Ector & Jamie Allensworth

Label: F-Spot Records
Catalog: FSPT-1020

A band who’s been gradually making a dent in the West Coast music scene, Mestizo Beat is pushing forth with a brand new 45 that further expands on their core sound to fuse the old with the new while paying homage to the greats who came before. “Left Behind b/w I Want You” is no exception. Taking inspirational elements from Roy Ayers, Isaac Hayes, George Benson, Eric B and Rakeem, Mestizo Beat teamed up with longtime friends Jamie Allensworth and Terin Ector to bring a fresh set of vocals and lyrical element to the bands mostly previous instrumental catalog. On Side-A we find “Left Behind”, an original collaboration between Mestizo Beat and Jamie Allensworth (Jungle Fire, Orgone, Night Owls) who’s soulful vocals and wide range takes us strait to those late night after hour jams complete with a Benson inspired guitar solo by Aquiles Magaña and vibraphone additions by Tim Felten (Sure Fire Soul Ensemble). Left Behind’s lyrical elements are about leaving wherever you are in pursuit of something you can't quite explain, but you'll know in your soul when you find it. The song is a constant state of wandering in search of where you're meant to be while the clock keeps ticking adding a sense of urgency. Then, Side-B, hits it hard with a cover of Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You” featuring Terin Ector (Organ, Moswen, Soluzion) on lead and Jamie Allensworth this time providing backup support. While staying close to the original but with added production value and vintage synthesizer strings soaring over top, these two songs together, along with production out of the band’s home studio, Spc#166 in Topanga Canyon, CA, take this record to new heights for a true “double A-side” slab of wax.