Dan Ubick - Magnetic Fields (LP)
Dan Ubick - Magnetic Fields (LP)

Dan Ubick - Magnetic Fields (LP)

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A1: The Leaves Are Turning
A2: La Seine A Minuit
A3: Gris Gris
A4: Sayonara
A5: Hearts Of Darkness
A6: Fine Like Wine
A7: Painted Skulls
A8: The Grotto
A9: Blackbirds
A10: Spanish Moss
A11: Black Coffee
A12: Fly Swatter
A13: Dawn Patrol
A14: Muitas Caipirinhas

B1: The Return
B2: El Escorpion
B3: Flooding
B4: The Villa
B5: Mojo hand
B6: Antenna Up
B7: Flip of A Switch
B8: Snakes On The Walls
B9: World On Wheels
B10: Magnetic Field
B11: Mati Self Portrait
B12: Air Zaire
B13: Paranoid Void
B14: The Silver Queen

Label: Madlib Invazion
Catalog: MILS004

Entry #4 in The Madlib Invazion Library Series