A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ) - The Love Movement (3LP)

A Tribe Called Quest (ATCQ) - The Love Movement (3LP)

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A1: Start It Up
A2: Find A Way
A3: Da Booty

B1: Steppin' It Up feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman
B2: Like It Like That
B3: Common Ground (Got It Goin' On)
B4: 4 Moms feat. Spanky
B5: His Name Is Muddy Ranks

C1: Give Me feat. Noreaga
C2: Pad & Pen feat. D-Life
C3: Busta's Lament
C4: Hot 4 U

D1: Against The World
D2: The Love
D3: Rock Rock Y'all feat. Punchline, Wordworth, Jane Doe & Mos Def 

E1: Scenario (Remix)
E2: Money Maker
E3: Hot Sex

F1: Oh My God (Remix)
F2: Jazz (We've Got) (Re-Recording)
F3: One Two S**t

Label: Jive
Catalog: 19658829141