Thee Heart Tones - Forever & Ever (LP)
Thee Heart Tones - Forever & Ever (LP)

Thee Heart Tones - Forever & Ever (LP)

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A1: Forever & Ever
A2: Don't Take Me As A Fool
A3: Somebody Please
A4: No Longer Mine
A5: Sabor A Mi
A6: Should I Call You Tonight

B1: Cry My Tears Away
B2: Need Something More
B3: When I Met You
B4: Highway of Love
B5: Holding On
B6: It's Time

Label: Big Crown
Catalog: BCR168

Clear Orange Vinyl

Big Crown Records is proud to present Forever & Ever, the debut album from Thee Heart Tones.Hailing from Hawthorne, California, Thee Heart Tones are both carrying on a tradition and pushing the boundaries with their music. Lead singer Jazmine Alvarado is just 19 years old and the oldest member of the group, Jorge Rodriguez is 21, but one listen to their record and it becomes blatantly apparent they are a talent well beyond their years.Thee Heart Tones are Jazmine on vocals, Ricky Cerezo on keys and organ, Jorge on drums, Jeffrey Romero on bass, Peter Chagolla on lead guitar, and Walter Morales on rhythm guitar. As the story goes, “one day I got a DM from Ricky Cerezo asking if I wanted to write a song for his new (then unnamed) band,” Jazmine says. “I knew his drummer and the other boys from middle school, so they were familiar faces. They sent me an mp3 of an instrumental they’d written and told me they wanted lyrics, so I wrote some and sent it to them.” That song ended up being “Don’t Take Me as a Fool,” a downbeat, minor key ballad on which Jazmine's sultry, pitch-perfect vocals soar, and which is now destined for their debut album. Ricky went home to play “Don’t Take Me As a Fool”, recorded as a voice note on his phone, to his dad. “I was hesitant. Dad knew this music better than anyone; he grew up with it. But he grabbed my phone and held it to his ear. His approval meant a lot to me. But he had the same reaction Jorge and I did when we first heard Jazmine sing. ‘This is going to be a hit,’ he told me. ‘You guys have something really special here’.” It was that same recording that caught the ears of Leon Michels and Danny Akalepse of Big Crown Records, who both heard the potential in the group immediately. After they signed to the label, Leon flew out to Los Angeles to record their debut album with Tommy Brenneck at Tommy’s Diamond West studio. They knocked out 14 songs in five days, capturing the charm of teenage soul and mixing it with their seasoned production prowess and the result is a modern classic Soul album.Album opener and title track “Forever & Ever” is an infectious two-stepper that instantly lifts your mood while heavy duty B side ballads like “Should I Call You Tonight”, “Cry My Tears Away”, and “It’s Time” hold court with the genre’s classics. They pick up the pace and fill the dancefloor with “Need Something More” as Jazmine matter of factly sets the record straight on a Northern Soul styled track. They cover the Álvaro Carrillo penned classic “Sabor A Mi” to great effect, doing it justice and putting their version right up there with the best of them. Another standout is their version of The Vanguards classic “Somebody Please” which they change the tone of and take to a different level. The punching drums of “No Longer Mine” juxtapose Jazmine’s honeyed vocals and wind up with the gritty energy of a mid 90s hip hop sample.Forever & Ever is both a testament to their unmistakable musical chemistry and talent. Their intentions as a band are testament to their collective character. Choosing to cover “Sabor A Mi” “allows us to let our audience know we go back to our roots,” Jazmine says. “Growing up in LA, you get influenced by the city, the artwork, the music,” Ricky says. “Dad didn’t own a lowrider car, but other members of our family did. Impalas. El Caminos. We were influenced by the culture, particularly the Chicano culture. And oldies and soul music played a big part.” The style. The culture. The nod to the past. “That’s what we’re going for. We want to connect young Chicanos with their heritage. And we want to unite people — old and young.”