Superior Elevation - Giving You Love b/w Sassy Lady

Superior Elevation - Giving You Love b/w Sassy Lady

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A: Giving You Love

B: Sassy Lady

Label: Selector Series
Catalog: SS7007P


Genre-busting re-issue label Selector is delighted to unveil the reissue of Superior Elevation's soulful obscurity, 'Giving You Love.' Originally released in 1985, this cherished gem hails from the heart of Lake Charles, Louisiana, encapsulating the band's profound connection to the soulful roots of their hometown. In the realm of rare finds, Superior Elevation's 'Giving You Love' stands as an elusive treasure. Original copies are virtually impossible to find, turning this reissue into an invaluable opportunity for collectors and soul music enthusiasts alike. The scarcity of the original release, coupled with its intrinsic soulful sophistication, makes this reissue a must-have addition for those searching for killer dancefloor obscurity. Selector Series is proud to present this soulful masterpiece on a limited edition 7-inch vinyl record, remastered and pressed on heavyweight vinyl. This reissue features new artwork including a captivating new company sleeve and redesigned labels, paying homage to the visual aesthetic of the original 1985 release.