Soul Supreme - Dues and Don'ts b/w Fraud Fades
Soul Supreme - Dues and Don'ts b/w Fraud Fades

Soul Supreme - Dues and Don'ts b/w Fraud Fades

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A: Dues and Don'ts

B: Fraud Fades

Label: Soul Supreme Records
Catalog: SSR45008


By now, heads surely know that a new record by Soul Supreme is a guaranteed sure shot. Following his acclaimed tributes to A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Mos Def, and more, the new "Dues and Don'ts" b/w "Fraud Fades" 45 features two all-original jazz-funk groovers by the Amsterdam-based keyboardist and producer.

"Adding Soul Supreme releases to the essential crates list has become mandatory and will surely be heavy spins for years to come,"Skeme Richards recently wrote on his Nostalgia King blog. It indeed looks like Soul Supreme's 45s rarely leave record bags, with the likes of DJ Koco, Jazzy Jeff, House Shoes, Skratch Bastid, Rich Medina, and DJ Green Lantern, among others, regularly playing his music in DJ sets around the globe.

This new release takes two highlights from last year's album 'Poetic Justice,' with "Dues and Don'ts" and "Fraud Fades" for the first time available on 45.Jay 'J-Zone' Mumford graces both songs with drums, heavily on point as always. The A-side features slow burner "Dues and Don'ts" with its syrupy funk rhythms. The hard-hitting, body-moving "Fraud Fades" on the B-side is the real anthem here—drum breaks galore. Clearly inspired by 60s Blue Note, the brass-heavy 'money-grubbing bad guy theme' concludes with a killer solo by Dotan 'Tane' Bergmanon guitar, responded to with a solo by Soul Supreme himself.