Pleasurewood - Firework b/w Move!

Pleasurewood - Firework b/w Move!

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A: Firework

B: Move!

Label: Farfalla
Catalog: FR45-02


The inspirational intake and respectful tribute of and to Hindi Cinema Soundtrack artists Kalyanji-Anandji and R. D. Burman and the Simla Beat guitar organ psych records of the early/mid 70’s, coupled with the Italian silver-stringed heavy-funked composers Piero Umiliani and Stefano Torossi kaleidoscopically conjure the sounds brought to you by Pleasurewood in this 7” single.

Firework is ushered in by a Hofner Beatle bass’s nasal clacking joyfully assisted by clapping hands through murky spring reverb.
A breakbeat incantation to the sun scored with Farfisa, Guitar Wah and Arp Odyssey.

Move! is a more pensive post-apocalyptic funk hymn with the instrumentation of piano, cimbalom and mellotron, plus the layered and flanged vocals of the composers Paul Elliott and Anthony Donje, with the instruction to ‘Move!’ by studio kingpin Buddy Elliott.