Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision (3LP)

Hieroglyphics - 3rd Eye Vision (3LP)

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A1 Intro
A2 You Never Knew
A3 All Things
A4 The Who

B1 Dune Methane
B2 At The Helm
B3 The Last One
B4 Oakland Blackouts

C1 Mics Of The Roundtable
C2 See Delight
C3 Off The Record

D1 After Dark
D2 No Nuts
D3 One Life, One Love
D4 Miles To The Sun

E1 Casual
E2 Phesto
E3 Tajai
E4 Pep Love

F1 A-Plus
F2 Opio
F3 Del
F4 Battle Of The Shadow (Bonus)

Label: Hiero Imperium
Catalog: HIERO2019