Bobby Oroza - Queen of the Barrio b/w Goddess

Bobby Oroza - Queen of the Barrio b/w Goddess

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A: Queen of the Barrio

B: Goddess

Label: Big Crown
Catalog: BC173

Bobby Oroza returns with a two-sider of songs paying homage to the ladies of the world.

Side A, "Queen Of The Barrio" is a proclamation of love and respect for all the ladies who grew up in the barrios around the world and the unique kind of woman that it has made them. Bobby gives flowers and crowns to the women whose spirits can only be sharpened but never broken regardless of what life deals them. This is also Bobby tipping his hat to the very first group of people to show him love as an artist.

Side B, "Goddess" is a rougher, more uptempo tune with a snapping drum beat where Bobby again lays it out there for the ladies. Singing praises to the incomparable magic women possess and admitting he is completely enamored by the woman he is addressing, Bobby puts his heart on his sleeve with reverence and respect.