Aesop Rock - Long Legged Larry b/w Inst

Aesop Rock - Long Legged Larry b/w Inst

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A1: Long Legged Larry

B1: Long Legged Larry (Inst)

Label: Rhymesayers
Catalog: RSE299

Here’s some things you should know about Larry:- His legs are long.- His heart is true.- His heroics are unmatched. Leaky faucet? Stolen bike? Trouble with your math homework? Fear not! Larry is here and he’s got what it takes to ease your troubles. We can’t keep this green guy away from a good cause!

The song Long Legged Larry details 3 instances where Larry’s valiance shines. Draftsman and renowned amphibian consultant Jeremy Fish created the artwork, and helped visualize Larry in the form of a beautiful plush toy with sick shorts and a big beard. Furthermore - visionary Rob Shaw has captured some of this frog’s finer moments